Details of Unit: coulomb

Unit Name coulomb Convert
Unit SymbolC
Defining Expression A·s
Simplified Expression 1.0 s·A
Unit CatagorySI Derived
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1 coulomb is the amount of electric charge carried by a current of 1 ampere flowing for 1 second.

1 C = 1 A · 1 s

It can also be defined in terms of capacitance and voltage, where one coulomb is defined as one farad of capacitance times one volt of electric potential difference:

      1 C = 1 F · 1 V

SI multiples

Multiple Name Symbol   Multiple Name Symbol
100 coulomb C        
101 decacoulomb daC 10–1 decicoulomb dC
102 hectocoulomb hC 10–2 centicoulomb cC
103 kilocoulomb kC 10–3 millicoulomb mC
106 megacoulomb MC 10–6 microcoulomb µC
109 gigacoulomb GC 10–9 nanocoulomb nC
1012 teracoulomb TC 10–12 picocoulomb pC
1015 petacoulomb PC 10–15 femtocoulomb fC
1018 exacoulomb EC 10–18 attocoulomb aC
1021 zettacoulomb ZC 10–21 zeptocoulomb zC
1024 yottacoulomb YC 10–24 yoctocoulomb yC


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